Regaining Balance and Strength After Invasive Surgery

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Question: My husband has metastatic melonoma cancer. He had a tumor removed from the brain, had rehab at Pat Neal Center (Fort Sanders), had radiation, immunotherapy, Gamma knife, and is currently going through home rehab. He had surgery on his knee, for a torn meniscus, about 3 years ago. It really causes him pain. He is weak, but does have some good days. We think it is time for a different therapy. One that will make his muscles stronger and help him balance. Do you have some program to offer that will help him regain his strength?

Answer: Thanks for the question. I am sorry to hear about the challenging ordeal your husband and family has faced. We would be delighted to help.

While surgery for meniscal tears can correct mechanical impingement caused by the meniscus we now know it can also speed up some of the degenerative process on the bony surfaces of the knee. Our rehabilitation programs focus on restoring lower limb strength, core stability, and balance to reduce the stress and impact on the joint. Of significant importance is good hip control and strength to decrease the sheering/torsion forces on the knee joint. We would also assess your husband’s foot bio-mechanics to make sure he is in right footwear to adequately support his body and reduce impact up the kinetic chain.

Our programs are individualized to the patient’s needs and we would progress your husband at a rate that he could manage and adapt to, while also understanding what other health issues he is dealing and how this might limit his progress.

I am happy to call you if you would like to speak in person.