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With more specialty-trained physical therapists than any other company in Tennessee, it is no surprise Results Physiotherapy has become a trusted source in treating common female specific conditions.

Women of all ages have the unfortunate displeasure of dealing with physical problems that their male counterparts do not. Studies show that as many as 70% of women have disorders of the pelvic floor, causing pain or the need to deal with embarrassing situations. The physical therapists at Results Physiotherapy have been at the forefront of delivering assistance to women facing these problems, at their Middle Tennessee locations in Hendersonville, Franklin and West Nashville, for nearly a decade. Now they are leading the way in providing this same conservative treatment for pelvic floor issues with specialty trained physical therapists throughout the Memphis Region.

The pelvis makes up a significant portion of your body’s core. The beginning of all movement, balance, flexibility and stability are in the pelvis. It supports the spine, facilitates childbirth, controls the passage and release of urine and stool, and contributes to a woman’s pleasure during intercourse. As life changes occur including pregnancy, obesity, childbirth, surgery and menopause, a large percentage of women begin to deal with pain or problems associated with, or stemming from, the pelvic region. Common complaints include post surgical pain, urinary incontinence, urinary urgency, pain during intercourse, as well as low back or sciatica pain before during or after pregnancy.  These are problems that many feel are issues they will have to battle with for the rest of their lives, when in reality these problems are either avoidable or easily treated through physical therapy.

“Many women have no idea that their problems can be addressed with physical therapy treatments.  They are so relieved to have the conservative option and are excited with the results,” states Sara Lynn Johnson, MPT, a physical therapist with Results Physiotherapy’s Southaven location. She specializes in the treatment and education of women with pelvic floor disorders. “Many women think its normal to have urinary leakage after having babies or as a part of aging.  Controlling this problem with education, training, and exercises, and individualized treatment techniques really empower women and allows them to get back to everyday activities, stopping leakage and stopping pain.  Once their problem is under control, maintenance is simple by doing several pelvic floor exercises a day.”

The pelvic floor muscles support the structures of the pelvis including the bowels, bladder and the sexual and reproductive organs. Disorders develop when the muscles, tendons, ligaments or nerves supporting these structures are weakened or injured. Physical therapy treats these impairments by addressing altered movement patterns of the hip, pelvis and low back, and assessing the effect of hormonal changes. Common treatments include: pelvic floor muscle training, “hands-on” manual therapy, bladder retraining, as well as specific conditioning and fitness programs designed for the individual patient. Biofeedback and/or electrical stimulation are additional resources that your therapist may use. These provide advanced treatment to re-train pelvic floor muscles, increase strength, muscle control and awareness, while decreasing pain or guarding. Research strongly supports the role of physical therapy as it helps to restore normal pelvic floor function and return women to an active lifestyle.

Results Physiotherapy is an outpatient physical therapy company comprised of 40 clinics throughout Tennessee, and surrounding states.  Commonly treated conditions also include low back pain, neck pain, headaches, arthritis, knee and shoulder injuries, foot pain, and post-surgical conditions. Results provides a unique combination of “hands-on” manual therapy with customized therapeutic exercises yielding faster pain relief and restoring function more quickly.  This one-two approach represents a ground breaking advance over the old exercise-only treatments.

Getting into a therapy program at Results Physiotherapy is as easy as calling to schedule an appointment for an evaluation. Treatment for women’s health issues are covered by insurance and in most cases a physician’s referral is not required.   The Cordova and East Memphis, Tennessee clinics, as well as the newly opened Southaven, Mississippi clinic on East Goodman Road, are three of the Results locations in the Memphis region that have therapists that specialize in Women’s Health issues. For a complete list of locations and more information regarding Results Physiotherapy Centers, please visit, or contact us at (800) 888.0531 to schedule an appointment.

This article originally appeared in Health+Fitness Magazine. Click here to download the PDF version.