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drew_randolphDrew Randolph has been promoted to lead therapist for the new Results clinic in Cookeville, following his one year of training and mentoring as a therapist in the Chattanooga area.

Drew Randolph is lead therapist at the Cookeville clinic and joined results in May 2010.

“I am excited to be back home and able to provide a physical therapy product that the people of Cookeville and the Upper Cumberland deserve.”

Birthplace: Livingston, TN

University(s) attended: Lambuth University (Soccer) University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Family Status: married and have a dog named brody

If I wasn’t a therapist: I’d be training to qualify for Boston

Currently reading: The next article in JOSPT or AAOS

Last Movie Seen: The Last Song (my wife made me…)

Favorite Sports Team: University of Tennessee

Favorite Joint to Treat: Any, minus the coccyx

Favorite Treatment Technique: An assortment; Mulligan, Ola Grimsby, Maitland, McKenzie, Paris, show me that it works and I’ll use it.

Favorite Food to Cook: Steak, one that is left still beating

Best Place Visited: Centerhill lake house Smithville, TN

Favorite Musician or Group: Building 429

Biggest Influence on Career: The mentorship and continued investment Results has committed to improving my knowledge, and advance my skills in the practice of Manual therapy. This has impacted my career in the most valuable way (i.e. when a patient enters the clinic in severe pain, and leaves with a significant amount of relief)

When I’m not at work I’m: running, playing with my dog, spending time with my wife or reading research articles.

Goal for next 12 months: Become known as the best physical therapist in the Upper Cumberland region!